Professional supplier of China's largest CNC controller systems

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We are Professional R&D and production CNC controller system. AC driver, AC Motor, Servo Spinde driver and motor, AC inverter and induction motor, CNC Machine tools such as CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machine center, CNC Grinding machine, CNC wire-cut EDM, CNC accessaries etc.

Our Honor:


Our main products:

1. CNC Controller for lathe/Turnning Machine/Milling Machine/Machining Centre

2. AC servo drive,

3. AC servo motor,

4.Servo spindle drive&motor,

5. AC inverter and induction motor

6. CNC Machine tools such as CNC lathe, CNC milling, CNC machine center, CNC grinder, CNC wire-cut EDM, CNC band sawing

7. CNC accessaries like CNC tooling system, turret, flexibile conduit...

Our Advantage:

1) Product Quality:

we have totally more than 10 CNC System models,but we only introduce 4 models for overseas market,which are very stable and reliable, has tested in local market for more than 2 years

2) Warranty

All our CNC System supply two-year warranty and free replacement in three months

3)Technical Servcie:

On-line technical support via Skype and MSN from 8am to 8pm (Monday--Surday)

Our service:

"Promise in Hands, Service by Heart" is our service aim, please always feel free to get contact with us, if anything helpful we can do for you As always.