CNC Systems Main Operation Interface- 60TT

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Whole CNC Systems adopts multi-leveled menu and full screen operation, user-friendly interface, providing comprehensive information. Enter into main interface as followed when electrified

Here bellow is the definition of each display area under system main screen (refer to Fig3.2):

1, title bar: the top column shows current date and time

2, program name display area: show the program which will execute or being running

3, program display area: show the program content which will execute or being running and also its process.

4, feed speed display area: show the instruction speed, override, real speed and speed ratio of feed axis. “F500”in the column means the speed is 500mm/min; “100%” behind means real running speed is 500mm/min x 100%

5, spindle speed display area: show current speed, rate, real running speed and speed ratio of spindle instruction. “S800”in the column means the speed is 800r/min; “100%”behind means the real running speed is 800r/min x 100%.

6, spindle real speed display

7, G00 speed ratio display: in auto mode, the real running speed of G00 is “G00 speed X 100%”

8, Status display: to display system status---auto or manual mode, also continuous, increment, MPG in manual mode; step, continuous, real machining, simulation, stop, run status and relevant information in auto mode.

 9, M code display: to display M code status

10, tool status display: to display relevant information of tool

11, machined time display: to display executed time of current program

12, coordinate display: dynamic coordinate display, viz. display current selected coordinates (it may be machine coordinates or workpiece coordinates).

13, information display: display information relevant to system, machine. such as alarm, soft/hard limit etc.