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  • Time:2013-01-08 10:13:49

Dear All customers :

Firstly, thanks for your support all the way; Please always pay attention , we supply exhibition support policy for all customers who show our CNC unit in the exhibition , please check details as bellow :

1) All customer who buy CNC units from us and show in the exhibition seperately or installed on the machine tools , can enjoy our exhibition policy

2) the CNC units shown in exhibition must be full unit from us and equial or more than 2 units in one exhibition. 

3) supply one controller unit for free for every two CNC units : for example, if you showed one CNC units in the exhibition, you can't enjoy the policy; if two CNC units in the exhibition, you can enjoy one CNC controller and its accessaries for free (without driver and motors) ; but if you showed 3 CNC units, can still enjoy one controller ; show four units, show enjoy two controller for free; similarly ....  

Customers, don't forget to take the photoes to show us and get our this policy .